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High Ankle Shoes



High ankle shoes started off as a utilitarian type but ended up becoming a fashion staple too.

However, it continues to serve its purpose of cushioning the ankles and offering high flexibility and low injury risk.

Naturally, high-ankle shoes – popularly known as high-tops are widely used in sports like basketball, football, etc. as they help with running.

But that does not mean they are restricted to just that, high-ankle shoes look great and can even be worn on a casual day out.

You can buy some amazing high-ankle shoes online at 7ashoes.

We have over 20 prominent brands across a wide price range for you to select from.

Why High Ankle Shoes

Whether you need it for the sports or the spunk, we have a type for you. Even in our store, a majority of the high-ankle shoes belong to sports brands, but worry not, we have best 7A Shoes available with Videos for Quality Check.

For a long day at the office, ditch the formal shoes and slip into the more comfortable shoes. Get a pair of jet black running shoes with colored laces to add some funk.

You can wear this with a semi-formal outfit, such as shirts with jeans. Sometimes, they look good even with tapered trousers!

These shoes also go great with short dresses. Instead of torturing your feet with wedge heels or sweating in your boots, put on some high-tops.

Example of Dressing High Ankle Shoes

you can put on a thigh-length T-shirt dress, wear shoes in a contrasting color (even neon works) and tie your hair in a high ponytail. You will look sporty without having to give up your pretty dress.

Replace your canvas shoes with high-ankle shoes.

Wear skinny, distressed jeans, so they tuck just a little into your shoes. With that, you can put on a casual tee (knot it on one side of your waist if you like).

Put on a cap and sunglasses, and you’re ready for a day outdoors!

High-ankle sneakers, of course, go best with shorts and jerseys.

Not only do they go well with the color schemes of sports brands but they also look amazing overall.

You don’t need any accessories to complete the look. Just play the sport you love and sweat it out!

As for those who do not play, shorts with a basic half-sleeved crop top is ideal.

The men can wear a baseball tee with the shorts. Find a pair of high-ankle shoes to match the color scheme of your tees and tops and voila! You are now ready.

Plain, white ankle-highs are the most popular. Especially paired with skirts and colored pants.

They elevate the entire outfit. Make sure you keep them clean!

Ankle-highs are seen all across in the fashion world from pre-teens to professionals.

They hold a remarkable position that in no way seems to be under any threat for a while. So get online now!

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