Refunds & Returns Policy

Refunds & Returns Policy

Order cancellation

All orders can be cancelled until they are Processed.

If your order status is processed then it cannot be cancelled in that case.

Once the packaging and shipping process has started, it can no longer be cancelled.

COD Orders Advance is non-refundable after the shipment is scheduled or in case you do not accept the parcel or return it by courier for any reason.

All 7A Shoes Come with Brand Boxes.

Handling time is 1-2 days, courier details are shared within 72 hrs, and final delivery in 4-5 days.


Your satisfaction is our #1 priority. Therefore, you can request a refund or reshipment for ordered products if:

  • You do not receive them within the guaranteed time (15 days not including 1-2 day processing)
  • You received the wrong size other than what you ordered. (Replacement Available)
  • You Receive a defective/damaged product (Must have Parcel Opening Video for replacement)
  • Defects like cuts or major damage to shoes will be entertained. Any issue regarding de-shaping during transit will not be entertained, Minor Glue and finishing reasons are not entertained as these are copies.
  • Still, if you ordered the wrong size and need a size exchange that will only be possible by paying INR 300 (Courier charges both sides, we will arrange pickup on request)
  • No refund & exchange if you do not like the shoe as all shoes have video.
  • Electronics, Clothes, Shades and handbags no return and refunds.

We do not issue the refund/return if:

  • No Unboxing Video for the product received.
  • There are no returns or refunds on 6A shoes as these are local India-made cheap shoes.
  • Your order does not arrive due to factors within your control (e.g. providing the wrong shipping address or Courier Delays)
  • your order does not arrive due to exceptional circumstances outside our control (e.g. delayed due to Courier Services).

You can do it by sending a message on the Contact Us page or Contact on WhatsApp for immediate response.

Important Note (Please Read Carefully):

  • No exchange No Return No Refund on a dislike basis. We try to give the best, but every customer’s tastes and preferences differ.
  •  360-degree unboxing parcel video required in case of any damage or wrong and missing item. The issue must be clear in the video without any pause or cut and reported within 24 hours of receiving the parcel.
  • In case of Return by courier due to any reason, Reshipping fees need to be paid, no refund in any case, so give the proper address and contact number, also track your parcels
  • Share preferred courier service always, if not done will be sent as per choice. And if your tracking does not update in the next 24-48 hours. please inform Immediately
  • If tracking is shared, please be a little responsive to track it, and report within 7 days if the Product is not received. No complaints will be entertained after that.
  • Slightly colour or light-dark due to digital photography or mobile-computer monitor settings can be there.
  • Due to heavy dispatch sometimes tracking may get delayed but it is always dispatched on time.


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